Chilblains on limbs and toes.

I used Chilblains on my limbs and toes.

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I had chilblains on my limbs and it became very itchy, so I went to a drugstore and bought an ointment to prevent chilblains and applied it for a while.

However, the itch did not go away and did not improve at all, so I went to a dermatologist to see him.

My doctor advised me that it is important to apply Yubera ointment, take a bath slowly, and massage my hands, as I heard that my skin is dry and my hands are not well-circulated, so I tend to get chilblains. was.

I used to take a shower for a long time, so I took a bath slowly, put on socks on my feet to improve the coldness of my hands, and put on night gloves to sleep. I tried to devise various things.

I also picked up the massage oil and slowly massaged it from the base of my fingers to my fingertips.

I applied Yubera ointment to the affected area several times a day and found that blood circulation gradually improved.

About two weeks after I started applying Yubera ointment, I was relieved that the itching of chilblains had been relieved.

For a while, it was very itchy and red and swollen, and I felt painful to see it, so I was in trouble, but I was relieved that it improved considerably when I applied Yubera ointment.

Since it contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A, it contains ingredients that improve blood circulation, and I found that applying Yubera Ointment did not cause side effects and improved chilblains, so I continue to use it. increase.

The itchiness has subsided, and the red and swollen areas have subsided, so I can now feel that it will change as I continue to use it.

When I applied Yubera ointment and massaged it, the chilblains healed a lot, so I knew how to deal with it.

12th Oct 2021

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