Mask type moisturizerMask-type moisturizer and Kracie's skin

Mask-type moisturizer and Kracie's skin beauty mask are used to prevent dry skin.

I am a woman in her 40s. I'm a full-time housewife.
When I was young, I don't think I had any skin problems, no matter how short I slept, even if I used various skin care products.
However, year after year, I have come to suffer from various skin problems, such as being bulky and becoming sticky.
Especially in the winter season, I'm really in trouble and I think I've overcome it every year while taking various measures.

・ Mask type moisturizer
・ Kracie's skin beauty mask

Mask type moisturizer

Among them, the mask type moisturizer is effective.
Not only applying it, but also wearing a mask made it look like it was moisturizing, and the dry skin became better.

Kracie's skin beauty mask

The dry skin that is of particular concern is dry and stubborn around the eyes and mouth, and it is difficult to keep it moisturized.
This really dents every time I look in the mirror.
So, when it's very dry, I wear Kracie's skin beauty mask after taking a bath.
This is a measure against dry fine wrinkles, so I think the moisture is quite different.
It seems that the pack also has to keep time properly, so I used it before, but I felt it was a waste, and sometimes I put it on longer than usual.
It seems that it couldn't be done either, and I heard that if you don't keep the time, your skin will be deprived of water more, so you need to be careful. I really regret it.
So, when using it, I was careful not to forget to keep the time and moisturize with cream after the mask.
It's annoying, so when it gets a little dry, I often neglect skin care.
I think I couldn't do that, so I always try to take care of it.
Just by keeping the time properly and keeping the skin moisturized with cream after masking, you can feel that you are getting close to moisturized skin, and if you neglect to take care of it, skin troubles will occur immediately. I think.
Therefore, I am keenly aware of the importance of daily skin care.
I tend to forget to remove my makeup just because I'm tired, but I realize that this is no good.

As I got older, I began to experience skin problems, so I would like to keep in mind that I may not have enough sleep or forget to remove my makeup, and I will continue to wear a mask to prevent dry skin.

13th Oct 2021

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