Presentations and (pre-)proceedings from DELOS events.



December 6-8
INEX Workshop
    • Norbert Fuhr, Mounia Lalmas, Saadia Malik, Zoltán Szlávik (eds), INEX 2004 Workshop Pre-Proceedings. 272 pages. Pre-proceedings.


October 4-5
Evaluation of Digital Libraries
    • Norbert Fuhr, The DELOS Evaluation Cluster


    • Ingeborg T. Sølvberg, DELOS NoE: Previous Work, Experiences and Recommendations from the Evaluation Forum. What Is Next?


    • Tefko Saracevic, Evaluation of Digital Libraries: An Overview


    • Ann Blandford, Understanding Users' Experiences: Evaluation of Digital Libraries


    • Christine L. Borgman, Evaluating the Uses of Digital Libraries


    • Edward A. Fox, Towards a Quality Model for Digital Libraries


    • Derek Law, Content Evaluation


    • Hanne Albrechtsen, User Interfaces and Visualization Evaluation - WP4


    • Umberto Pernice, BRICKS EU Project


    • Manfred Thaller, Evaluating Preservation Aspects - WP6 (URL)


    • Donatella Castelli, DILIGENT EU Project


    • Giannis Tsakonas, Sarantos Kapidakis, Christos Papatheodorou, Evaluation of User Interaction in Digital Libraries


    • Carol Peters, Test Collection Construction: the CLEF Experience


    • Mounia Lalmas, Thomas Rölleke, Zoltán Szlávik, Tassos Tombros, Accessing XML Documents: the INEX Initiative


    • Maristella Agosti, Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Nicola Ferro, Evaluation of a Digital Library System


    • Trond Aalberg, Evaluating Digital Library Information Models


    • Lázlo Kovács, András Miscsik, The Evaluation Computer: a Model for Structuring Evaluation Activities


    • Monica Landoni, An Evaluation Framework for E-books




September 17
Semantic Interoperability in Digital Libraries
    • Jane Hunter, Extending Semantic Web Technologies for eScience


    • Doug Tudhope, Recent Developments from the Perspective of Networked Knowledge Organisation Systems/Services


    • Manjula Patel, Overview of key issues for Semantic Interoperability




September 16-17
CLEF 2004 Workshop
    • Carol Peters, CLEF welcome


    • Martin Braschler, Ad Hoc Track Overview


    • Jacques Savoy, Multilingual Search using Query Translation and Collection Selection


    • Martínez Santiago, SINAI at CLEF 2004: Using Machine Translation Resources with Mixed 2-step RSV Merging Algorithm


    • Isabelle Moulinier, TLR at CLEF-2004: Capturing the Translation of Compounds and Other Experiments


    • Daniel Gayo Avello, Application of Variable Length N-gram Vectors to Monolingual and Bilingual Information Retrieval


    • Jean-Pierre Chevallet and Gilles Serasset, Using Surface-Syntactic Parser and Deviation from Randomness: X-IOTA IR System used for CLIPS Mono & Bilingual Experiments for CLEF 2004


    • José L. Martínez, Analysis of Experiments on Hybridization of Different Approaches in Mono and Cross-Language Information Retrieval


    • Giorgio M. Di Nunzio, Experiments on Statistical Approaches to Compensate for Limited Linguistic Resources


    • Alessandro Vallin, QA Track Overview


    • Maarten de Rijke, A Recall Oriented Approach to Question Answering


    • Sven Hartrumpf, Question Answering using Sentence Parsing and Semantic Network Matching


    • Anselmo Peñas, Question Answering Pilot Task at CLEF 2004


    • Julio Gonzalo, iCLEF Track Overview


    • Fernando LLopis, Improving Interaction with the User in Cross-Language Question Answering through Relevant Domains and Syntactic Semantic Patterns


    • Jussi Karlgren, Bookmarking, Thesaurus, and Cooperation in Bilingual Question Answering


    • Fernando López Ostenero, Interactive Cross-Language Question Answering: Searching Passages versus Searching Documents


    • Douglas W. Oard, iCLEF 2004 at Maryland: Summarization Design for Interactive Cross-Language Question Answering


    • Paul Clough, ImageCLEF Track Overview


    • Peter Howarth, Visual Features for Content-based Medical Image Retrieval


    • Wen-Cheng Lin, From Text to Image: Generating Visual Queries for Image Retrieval


    • Gareth Jones and Andy Way, DCU Experiments with the St Andrew's Collection: Machine Translation, Text-Image Matching Combination and Machine Translation Metrics


    • Ahmed Id Oumohmed, Toward Cross-Language and Cross-Media Image Retrieval


    • Pei-Cheng Cheng, Comparison and Combination of Textaul and Visual Features for Interactive Image Retrieval


    • Henning Müller, New Ideas for 2005


    • Michael Kluck, Overview


    • Johannes Leveling, University of Hagen at CLEF 2004: Indexing and Translating Concepts for the GIRT Task


    • Gareth Jones, The 2004 CL-SDR Track


    • Gareth Jones and Douglas W.Oard, Ideas for 2005


    • Noriko Kando, Lessons from NTCIR-4: Focusing on Evaluation of CLIR on East Asian Languages, Patent and QA




June 24-25
Thematic Workshop: Digital Library Architectures: Peer-to-Peer, Grid, and Service-Orientation
    • Maristella Agosti, Hans-Jörg Schek and Can Türker (Eds), Digital Library Architectures: Peer-to-Peer, Grid, and Service-Orientation. 230 pages. Pre-proceedings.




June 23
Regional Awareness Event: Between Knowledge Organization and Semantic Web: Semantic Approaches in Digital Libraries
    • Boris Lauser, From thesauri to rich ontology: The AGROVOC case FAO Ontology Portal Prototypes: Fishery Building a rich ontology from AGROVOC


    • Anders Ardö and Koraljka Golub, Automatic Subject Classification and Topic Specific Search Engines -- Research at KnowLib I, Automatic Subject Classification and Topic Specific Search Engines -- Research at KnowLib II


    • Douglas Tudhope, Semantic Terminology Services: experiences from the FACET Project


    • Alistair Miles, SKOS: Simple Knowledge Organisation with the Semantic Web


    • Frida Sandgren, Markup of Educational Content


    • Knut Hegna, Exploiting the classification scheme and a controlled vocabulary in a library catalogue




June 16
National Awareness Event: Verso la Biblioteca Digitale Italiana della Scienza e della Tecnica
    • Dave Fulker, The National Science Digital Library: a Distributed U.S. Initiative Improving Science and Technology Education for All Learners


    • Antonella De Robbio, E-LIS verso la Biblioteca Digitale Italiana della Scienza e della Tecnica: un Archivio Aperto Iinternazionale per la Biblioteconomia e Scienza dell'Informazione


    • Patrizia Cotoneschi, L'esperienza della Firenze University Press nell'Ambito dell'Editoria Accademica Digitale


    • Jacopo Di Cocco, Simone Sacchi, Alma DL: Esperienze e Progetti


    • Anna Maria Tammaro, Biblioteca Digitale Umanistica: Organizzazione di un Servizio a Supporto della Didattica in Area Umanistica


    • Donatella Castelli, Pasquale Pagano, Open Dlib: un Sistema per Costruire, Gestire e Mantenere una Biblioteca Digitale come Aggregazione di Sistemi Informativi Eterogenei


    • Paola Gargiulo, Susanna Mornati, Le iniziative CASPUR e CILEA per l'Open Access


    • Silvana Mangiaracina, Massimiliano Simoncini, La Biblioteca di Alessandria, una biblioteca digitale 'peer to peer'


    • Andrea Marchitelli, Anna Grazia Chiodetti, E-@NT: Un Open Archive per la Ricerca Italiana in Antartide


  • Carla Basili, L'Utente dell'Informazione Scientifica: la Rete Europea per la Cultura dell'Informazione (EnIL)