Simple humidifier Mikuni Misty Garden 2nd measures

Simple humidifier Mikuni Misty Garden 2nd measures to prevent dry cheeks

Nice to meet you, I'm a male engineer in my thirties.
It is not possible to directly prevent the cheeks from drying out, but if it is a product that prevents it from drying out in a certain environment, I would like to introduce it.
It is a product called Mikuni Misty Garden 2nd released by Mikuni.
This item is a simple humidifier that can be placed anywhere to prevent it from drying out.
The difficulty is that it is not a product that shows immediate effect, but a product that can gradually raise the humidity of the surroundings, and it is a product that can raise the humidity in the room by up to 10%.
However, in addition to natural vaporization, when the warm wind of the heating hits, the water of this goods will decrease with considerable momentum, so depending on the environment, drying will be faster than increasing humidity. There is also.
This is an item that can raise the ambient humidity by about 10% at the maximum by soaking the filter with water with a vaporization type humidifier, and it is also possible to prevent the cheeks and other parts from drying out.
Compared to the electric type, it is easy to handle, and if mold grows, it is recommended because it can be easily handled by throwing it away and replacing it with a new filter.
As the name implies, this is an improved version of the 2nd generation, and when compared with the 1st generation, when measured with a hygrometer, the amount of humidity generated has increased significantly, and it should be increased by about 10%. Is done.
However, it depends on the environment, it has no immediate effect, and only those who are close to it can benefit from humidity so much, so only those who are near this filter can benefit from humidity. Goods that can be done.
The filter is antibacterial and turns black when the bacteria propagate, so it is an easy-to-understand guideline for replacement.
It is a good item that can be used not only in the office but also at home. The advantage is that it does not use electricity and there is no operating noise, so it gives a lot of humidity to the room, but the disadvantage is that it is a consumable item. And the point is that you have to replenish water frequently.
This means that it is necessary to replenish water at a considerable rate compared to the first generation Misty Garden, and as a reaction to the ability to generate a lot of humidity, water consumption has increased.
However, since there is no electricity bill or operating noise of the humidifier, if you can submerge this filter in water, you can get as much humidity as you want and you can use it as long as mold does not grow, so it is a humidifier with good cost performance. Will be.
Misty Garden is a product that can be locally humidified, so if you place it nearby, you can easily humidify your cheeks and prevent it from drying out.

13th Oct 2021

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