Dandelion tea to get water without difficulty

Dandelion tea to get water without difficulty

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What do you look for when you know you are pregnant?
Is it a hospital?
That's important, but did you find out what you shouldn't do or what you should eat?

I originally had anemia, so I wanted to get iron from food if possible.
Also, everyone knows that you should stop smoking and drinking.
It seems that you can't drink a lot of coffee because it has caffeine. The same is true for black tea.
I was originally a tea party, so I didn't have a hard time with coffee.

I heard that water is important, but it's hard to drink water.
It is a dandelion tea that I found at that time.
It's non-caffeine, and I liked the phrase and ordered it because it's okay for children and adults to drink it.

Immediately, when I drank it, it was surprisingly easy to drink, and I felt like I could go on and on.
Tea seems to be good for breastfeeding after childbirth.
The nurse told me that if I don't drink about 2 liters a day, I'll run out of water and my milk output will be poor.
Even if you add water to the food, 2 liters is a considerable amount.
But with dandelion tea, you can drink it without overdoing it, and you can also get calcium and iron.
This is nice, isn't it?
I'm still in good shape, so I'll continue to drink.

12th Oct 2021

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