Adult acne, spots and wrinkles were improved with Glyco Cream.

Adult acne, spots and wrinkles were improved with Glyco Cream.

I have been suffering from adult acne, spots and wrinkles since I was in my 40s.
Especially serious is adult acne, which is formed somewhere on the face 365 days a year, but it is especially concentrated on the face line and chin.
It got worse from about 2 weeks before my period, and I have tried various medicines and supplements.
However, when I used all of them, the symptoms improved only a little, and they came out again soon.

Buy Glyco Cream online

Glyco 6% Cream is the fifth product I have tried to improve symptoms.
It's made in a foreign country and honestly I didn't expect much effect.
I bought it from the internet and received it about 5 days later.
It is a tube-shaped cream in a box with a white and purple pattern, and the content is 30g.
The price was about 1600 yen per bottle.

I tried using Glyco cream

Immediately after taking a bath, I applied it to the areas where I was worried about acne and fine wrinkles, but I was relieved that no side effects appeared even after several hours.
After that, I tried to make sure to apply it twice a day, after washing my face in the morning and after taking a bath.
Then, the day after I started using it, I already felt a change in acne, and wrinkles and stains began to change about a week later.
At first, I didn't expect much effect, so when I felt the change, I was really impressed.
We have taken various improvement measures so far, but Glyco 6% Cream is the first to realize a visible change.
There is no strong odor, and when applied to the entire face, the next day the skin becomes very moist and I feel that it can be expected to have effects other than acne and stains.
After using it for a while, I felt a very good response, so I wanted to continue using it for a while.

Purchase additional glico cream

One week after I bought the first one, I bought four more.
The reason for 4 bottles is that the more you buy a lot of Glyco 6% cream on the mail order site I ordered, the more discounts you get.
Even if I buy them in bulk, I will use them eventually, so I wanted to buy them in bulk and buy one at a slightly lower price.
One of them lasted about a month and a half, so if you have four, you can use it for more than half a year.
I'm really happy to get Glyco 6% Cream at a significantly discounted price than the regular price.

For those who are suffering from acne, spots and wrinkles

If you are suffering from acne, spots or wrinkles and don't know what works, I would definitely recommend you to try Glyco 6% Cream.
It may have happened to me, but Glyco 6% cream really works!
I have sensitive skin, but for now I can use it with confidence without any symptoms such as rough skin.
It is a product that people who could not feel the effect of cosmetics should try it.

12th Oct 2021

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