The following documents contain a description of the DELOS motivation and its main goals, a list of the DELOS participants, and a technical description of the Joint Program of Activities (JPA) both the overall view for the whole duration of the Network (four years) and the detailed description of the first 18 months of activity.

Those descriptions are taken verbatim from the Technical Annex to the DELOS contract, which was approved by the Commission in December 2003. For an updated description of the on-going activities, please refer to the web site of each cluster (Work Package).

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DELOS Summary and objectives

Description of DELOS participants

IST priorities and Potential Impact on the European Research Area

Outline of the JPA for the full duration of the Network (four years)

Detailed JPA for the first 18 months of activity

Description of the Cluster Coordinators

Delos Research Activity in 2005

It is now available the report DELOS Research Activities 2005 , which briefly describes the research activities being carried on in DELOS. The bulk of the research activities is made of 25 main tasks, which have been assigned to one of the research cluster. During ECDL 2005 in Vienna there has been a poster session dedicated to these activities, where the authors were presenting to the interested visitors the main aspects of the research.