Human Universal Reference cDNA-Random Hexamer | HD-UR-40-RH

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Human Universal Reference cDNA-Random Hexamer | HD-UR-40-RH | Zyagen

Zyagen offers the largest selection of ready to use full length tissue cDNA. The PCR-ready to use first strand cDNA is synthesized from high quality RNA isolated from a wide variety of rat, mouse, cat, dog, human, monkey, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, pig, minipig, bovine, sheep, chicken, equine, and plant tissues. The cDNA is primed with oligo dT or random hexamer primers and is ideal for gene expression analysis by PCR, characterization of alternative splicing of mRNA, and gene cloning and target sequencing. As quality control test, each cDNA sample is tested by PCR amplification of beta-actin. Each product is shipped in 1.5 ml tube and is enough for 30 PCR reactions.


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